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Formulated with EpiCor yeast fermentate, antioxidant vitamin C, zinc and more, Zand Immune Fast helps support immune system function within two hours of taking it.

Power Your Immune System and Your Health

Designed to help maintain healthy immune system function, Zand Immune Fast works with your body when you need it most. Formulated with EpiCor® yeast fermentate, antioxidant vitamin C and zinc for immunity and gut health support, these clinical strength chews help accelerate immune response and immune cell activity quickly so you can feel your best.

Whether you’re juggling work or school deadlines, family or relationship issues and whatever else gets thrown your way, keeping you and your loved ones healthy can be a challenge. Moving at the speed of life can wear you down, and the physical and mental strain could do a number on your immune system and your overall health 

When your body and mind are working hard, you’ll need powerful immune support – and the faster, the better! Formulated to help support a rapid immune response, Zand Naturals Immune Fast formulas optimize immune cell activity to help them go to work within two hours*. 

How Immune Fast Works 

Like you would expect from any high-quality immune support supplement, Immune Fast contains some of the usual suspects – 1000 mg of vitamin C and 11 mg of zinc, plus immune health herbs echinacea or elderberry (depending on which formula you choose) – all powerful ingredients well-researched for their beneficial effect on the immune system. 

Formulated with EpiCor yeast fermentate, Immune Fast also contains antioxidant vitamin C, zinc and echinacea or elderberry for powerful immune system support.

So what makes Immune Fast stand out so far above the rest? It's one key ingredient: EpiCor® fermented yeast. Backed by clinical trials, this powerful yeast fermentate can help support your body’s immune response within two hours* of taking it to help keep you feeling healthy and in control.  

Here's how: In double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot studies, EpiCor has been shown to help increase levels of slgA, an antibody found in saliva and in the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose and eyes. Antibodies may help support the body's natural defenses against pathogens.

EpiCor may support antioxidant activity that can help increase natural killer (NK) cells in the body, a type of white blood cell essential to the proper functioning of the immune system. Finally, research also suggests that Epicor may act as a prebiotic in the digestive tract, providing nutrients to beneficial bacteria and supporting the growth of healthy gut flora.

Clean, Effective Support

Minimally processed, EpiCor is made with nature-derived, plant-based ingredients that undergo a natural fermentation process. In a nutshell, here’s what we know about EpiCor:

  • Can help optimize your body’s immune response quickly and efficiently
  • Can help support a healthy microbiome environment in the gut
  • Contains metabolites that help support immune health
  • May help support antioxidant activity in the body
  • May help provide seasonal support for a healthy respiratory system

Combined with vitamin C, zinc and herbs like echinacea or elderberry, Zand’s popular Immune Fast formulas contain no gluten, animal products or harsh synthetics of any kind. These great-tasting chews are naturally sweetened with xylitol and organic Stevia.

Immune Fast Zesty Orange Chewables helps boost immune response within two hours of taking it.

Immune Fast Zesty Orange. Nature’s superior immune formula, these clinical strength chewables are formulated for a rapid response, and may accelerate immune cell activity in the body within two hours*. Each 3-chewable serving provides 500mg EpiCor fermented yeast*, 1000 mg vitamin C and 11mg zinc, plus 100 mg echinacea, an herb thought to be beneficial to healthy immune function**. These powerful key nutrients come together to help support a healthy immune response fast! Non-GMO and gluten free. 36ct, 12 Servings.

Also available in a convenient, 15ct Immune Fast Zesty Orange travel size that goes with you anywhere.


Immune Fast Sweet Elderberry. Designed to optimize your body’s immune response within two hours*, these clinical strength chewable tablets provide cornerstone nutrients for powerful immune system support. Each 3-chew serving contains 500 mg EpiCor fermented yeast*, 1000 mg vitamin C and 11 mg zinc, plus 200 mg black elderberry (Sambucus nigra), used for generations for its reputed immune support properties. These pure, simple ingredients come together to help support a fast immune response and keep you feeling your best. Non-GMO and gluten free. 30ct, 10 Servings.

Don’t forget Immune Fast Elderberry 15ct travel size fits in your pocket or purse when you’re on the go! 

Keep Immune Fast on Hand

Immune Fast makes a great addition to any supplement regimen, or may be used on an as-needed basis to provide essential support at the right moment.

Some great times to take Immune Fast include:

  • When Traveling. Airports, train stations and hectic schedules, along with disrupted sleep patterns and different time zones can all take a toll on your immune system. Combine that with exposure to strange foods, unfamiliar environments and all kinds of new people, and you’ll want your daily serving of Immune Fast, well, fast! Take our advice: never travel without it!
  • During Busy Times at Work or School. Again, the operative word here is busy. A heavier-than-usual workload, a rapidly approaching deadline or a major exam can make you forget to take care of yourself. We recommend you fight back by working on finding healthy ways to relax. Then be sure to keep a bottle of these powerful immune support chews on hand.
  • For Seasonal Support. Whether you’re facing those cold winter months or dealing with the spring season, Immune Fast can provide powerful respiratory support.
  • When You’re Feeling Run Down. Are you tired, have low energy or just feel under the weather? There’s no time to waste! Immune Fast is designed to go to work within two hours** of taking it to optimize your body’s immune response and keep you feeling your best

For more information about EpiCort yeast fermentate, be sure to visit the EpiCor website.

EpiCor is registered with Embria Health Sciences, L.L.C. 
*Results observed with 500 mg dose of EpiCor* in clinical study of 12 adults. Individual results may vary.
**World Health Organization (WHO) monographs on selected medicinal plants, Vol. 1, 1999. 

Try More Immunity Formulas from Zand


Zand Elderberry Zinc Immunity Gummies
Elderberry Zinc Immunity Gummies. Reputed to help support healthy immune function, elderberries have been traditionally used in herbal medicine for generations. Each 2-gummy serving provides 125 mg of high-quality Black Sambucus elderberries, plus 90 mg vitamin C and 7.5 mg zinc for powerful, additional immune support. Perfect for children ages 4 and up and great for adults, your entire family will enjoy these tasty treats that are vegan and contain no gluten, artificial colors or flavors. 60ct, 30 Servings


Zand Naturals Orange C Immunity Gummies.

Orange C Immunity Gummies. An easy and delicious way to support you and your entire family. Each serving of 2 gummies provides 270mg of vitamin C, plus a synergistic proprietary blend of co-factors like citrus bioflavonoids, acerola cherry and rose hips to enhance utilization by the body. Perfect for ages 4+, both kids and adults love the natural orange flavor. Non-GMO, gluten free and vegan. 60ct, 30 Servings.

Zand Naturals Elderberry with Honey Immunity DrinkOrganic Immunity Drink, Elderberry with Honey. Made with pure, simple ingredients from nature for whole body immune support, each 10.8 oz single-serve bottle contains the juice of 260 organic elderberries to help support antioxidant activity. This hardworking health drink also features organic apple cider vinegar for added digestion and immune health support, plus organic tart cherry juice and apitherapy honey for a naturally sweet flavor. Non-GMO and gluten free. 4-pack, 10.8oz per bottle.
Zand Naturals Kids Elderberry SyrupKids Elderberry Syrup. Designed for children’s more delicate immune systems, this great-tasting syrup provides the juice of 10 elderberries in each 1-teaspoon serving*, plus echinacea, rose hips, astragalus and more for powerful immune system support. Naturally sweetened with raw honey, this formula contains no other sweeteners or flavors, and is lab verified for purity and potency, so you know you’re getting the very best from Zand. Perfect for children 1 year and up. Alcohol-free, gluten free, no added flavors. 8 oz, 48 Servings.
*Approximate number of elderberries in 5 ml serving, based on average weight.
Zand Naturals Cherry Echinacea Zinc HerbaLozengesCherry Echinacea Zinc HerbaLozenges. Formulated to soothe a dry throat, Cherry Echinacea Zinc HerbaLozenges provide an impressive 5mg of vital zinc per lozenge, designed to support healthy immune function and keep you feeling your best. Perfect for the cold winter months or during seasonal changes, each lozenge contains a blend of soothing herbs for powerful support, including echinacea root, rose hips, hibiscus, lemongrass, orange and lemon peel and more. Gluten free and non-GMO. Formulated without corn syrup, sucrose, cane sugar, artificial colors or flavors. 15ct.

Available in a variety of herbal blends and delicious flavors, Zand's Good-for-You Lozenges are the perfect addition to your immune support regimen. Try all HerbaLozenges formulas to find your favorite!

 Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.



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