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Rose Water Benefits for Face, Body and Soul

Rose Water Benefits for Face, Body and Soul

21 Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin, Beautiful Hair, Aromatherapy and More 

An ancient beauty treatment, women have used – and loved – rose water for literally thousands of years. Whether you’re a longtime convert or trying it out for the first time, refreshingly pure rose water is one of those self care beauty products you won’t want to live without!  

We believe the best rose water comes from the best roses, carefully cultivated, harvested and distilled. That’s the kind of care and quality that go into Heritage Store Rosewater products, made with the finest Damask rose petals, known throughout the world for their soothing properties and uniquely delicate fragrance.   

Because the best rosewater comes from the best roses, Heritage Store uses Damask rose petals, carefully harvested and distilled for the most rose water benefits.

Here’s how experts describe the amazing scent: These roses – of the rosa damascena variety – smell of honey, cinnamon, cloves, lemon peel, green leaves and a hint of raspberry.  Used as a gentle toner, skin hydrator, hair moisturizer or DIY aromatherapy treatment, rose water is one of the most wonderful ways to pamper yourself and keep you feeling great all over.   

Because we think being kind to yourself is as important as being kind to others, we bring you 21 ways to nurture your skin, body and soul with loving kindness, plus a little Rosewater.   
  1. For beautiful, soothing hydration and fresher-looking skin, spray Rosewater onto your face and neck throughout the day as needed, then breathe in the incredible scent for an on-the-go, DIY aromatherapy treatment.  
  1. Try it as a gentle skin toner: Pour a good amount onto a cotton pad and wipe across face to clear away excess oil and impurities and leave skin cleaner, smoother and re-energized. Then finish off with Heritage Store Aura Glow Hydrating Rose for crystal-infused moisturizing action and a more radiant you.   
  1. Mist Rosewater over your makeup to set it and help it stay on longer. Then spray it on every couple of hours to keep it looking fresh. 

  1. Spray it all over hair to smooth frizz and flyaways and keep hair soft and fragrant. Ideal for all hair types and perfect for great-looking locs, Rosewater hydrates, soothes the scalp and leaves a beautiful scent behind. Need a little more hydration? Try Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin, enriched with moisture-packed vegetable glycerin.   

  1. Self care Sunday? Pour a generous amount into your bath water for a fragrant, luxurious soak that’s great for your skin and your soul.   
  1. When it's time for that facial, smooth on your favorite firming or deep-cleansing mask, then finish off with a spritz or two of Rosewater for added moisture. Or better yet: make your own DYI face mask with Rosewater, organic yogurt and honey.   
  1. Add a few drops to your favorite hair products for added softness and a wonderful fragrance. Or for a full-on moisturizing treatment, blend a little Rosewater with Heritage Store Castor Oil, and work through hair. Leave it on for 20 minutes or more, then shampoo and condition hair as usual.   
  1. Way too much screen time? Get those bright eyes back! Soak two cotton pads in gentle, alcohol-free Rosewater – chilled is best – then place them over red, tired eyes to soothe them. (If you're glued to your screens a lot we also recommend Zhou Nutrition Screen Eyes Gummies, made with lutein and zeaxanthin to help support vision health.)
  1. When you're spending the day at the beach or the pool, throw a bottle in your drink cooler, then apply it to skin as needed for a cool, refreshing blast on a hot day.    
  1. If you’re in the sun for hours, don’t forget to reapply sunscreen often, particularly after swimming. Then remember to top it off with a spritz of Rosewater for extra soothing hydration.  
  1. Too much of a good thing? Spray Rosewater onto dry, sun-exposed areas to soothe redness and help restore your skin's natural moisture content.  
  1. Try it as a gentle, deodorizing foot spray. Then spray it inside your workout shoes and onto your gym socks to keep them smelling great.   
  1. Mist it on your clothes to refresh them, add a delicate fragrance and help lift your mood.  
  1. Take a bottle to the gym and use it throughout your workout. It will help you cool off and look and feel refreshed. Heritage Store 2oz mini Rosewater is the perfect take-along size for your gym bag.   
  1. Air conditioners and heaters are a blessing in summer and winter. But they can dry out your skin and leave it dull and lifeless. You guessed it – Rosewater to the rescue! For more intensive hydration, try Rosewater Facial Toner, made with hyaluronic acid for plumper, firmer-looking skin.   
  1. Oily, problem skin? No worries! Apply Rosewater several times a day to refresh and rebalance. Or try Heritage Store Rosewater Vinegar, made with skin-clarifying organic apple cider vinegar with “the mother.”    
  1. Mist a little Rosewater onto your sheets and pillowcases at bedtime. We bet the amazing scent of roses will make for pleasant dreams! Then alternate with Heritage Store Lavender Flower Water for a calming lavender fragrance to help you relax.   
  1. And because you’ve got to love a bedtime routine that starts and ends with roses, Heritage Store brings you Rosewater Serum to help renew and replenish delicate facial skin while you sleep.    
  1. Feeling a bit down and out? Things will look much brighter after a little aromatherapy treatment. Rosewater’s gentle fragrance helps balance body and soul and may help lift your mood.  
  1. Try Rosewater as a subtle, elegant room deodorizer. Spray it lightly on curtains, throw pillows, cushions, rugs and everywhere you’d like the smell of roses.  
  1. According to Ayurvedic tradition, the rose is said to balance all three Doshas as well as the heart. Spray Rosewater in the air around you before your meditation or yoga session, or any time for harmony, peace and feelings of well-being.


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