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Natural Balance Original Pep Herbal Energizer | Energy, Vitality & Focus Formula w/ Eleuthero, Kola Nut & Gotu Kola | Plant-Based | 60 Caps, 30 Serv.

  • Energizing Formula: Powerful blend designed to support smooth, sustained energy without the jitters
  • The Pep in Your Step: Contains eleuthero, kola nut, gotu kola & more for vitality & stamina
  • Clear Your Mind: Nootropic herbs may help support cognitive function for a more productive you
  • Our Promise: Made with high quality, plant-based ingredients & lab verified for purity & potency
  • Customers Say: Best blend of herbal products on the market for energy & memory

Tired of dragging through your days? Made with time-tested herbs, each serving of Natural Balance Original Pep Herbal Energizer is designed to provide a clean, sustained energy boost without the jittery feeling you get from too much coffee or an energy drink.

100% plant-based formula contains herbs used in traditional folk medicine for hundreds of years. Eleuthero (also known as Siberian ginseng) may help support a healthy metabolism and have a beneficial effect on your adrenals for healthy, balanced energy and stamina. Kola nut provides 74 mg of natural caffeine (roughly what you get in cup of coffee) for mental clarity and a smooth, gentle boost, while gotu kola, ginger and wood betony may help support healthy brain function and focus for a more productive you.

Like all Natural Balance products, Original Pep is lab verified for purity, potency and identity. To ensure you get only the best supplement with the best ingredients, our products undergo a rigorous screening and testing protocol for raw materials and finished goods. So go ahead and rest easy, knowing each Natural Balance product meets its label claims.

Put the pep back in your step with Natural Balance Original Pep Herbal Energizer. Try it today!