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Natural Balance NighTime SuperTone Aminos | Triple Amino Complex for Lean Muscle Mass & Recovery Support | Fitness Goals Formula | 120ct, 30 Servings

  • Amino Power: Provides 1,200mg L-Arginine HCl & Lysine HCl, plus 900 mg L-Ornithine HCl per serving
  • Stay Fit: Designed to support lean muscle growth & recovery during sleep for more effective workouts
  • Designed to work w/ regular exercise, found on product carton & online
  • Our Promise: Made with high quality ingredients & responsibly manufactured
  • Committed to Quality: Lab verified using strict standards to ensure purity, identity & potency

Often referred to as the building blocks of protein, amino acids make up a large portion of your cells, muscles and tissues, and are essential to the bodys production and repair of healthy, lean muscle. When you exercise, proteins in your muscles and tissues break down. Aminos, taken after a workout or at bedtime, can support the bodys ability to synthesize protein and help rebuild and repair lean muscle mass.

Natural Balance NighTime SuperTone Aminos is made up of three vital amino acids, essential to protein synthesis and more: L-arginine supports the bodys natural production of nitric oxide, which helps enhance healthy blood flow, providing oxygen and nutrients to muscle fibers. L-lysine is central to the production of carnitine, a nutrient that helps burn fat for energy, while L-ornithine helps support a healthy sleep cycle, essential to muscle recovery and strength.

Like all Natural Balance products, NighTime SuperTone Aminos is lab verified for purity, potency and identity. To ensure you get only the best supplement with the best ingredients, our products undergo a rigorous screening and testing protocol for raw materials and finished goods. So go ahead and rest easy, knowing each bottle of NighTimeSuper Tone Aminos meets its label claims.

Make Natural Balance NighTime SuperTone Aminos a part of your exercise program for even better results!