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Theraneem Neem Oil, 1 Ounce

  • Useful: Thought to promote healthy hair, skin, & nails,& more
  • Powerful: TheraNeems Neem Oil is cold pressed, 100% pure and unrefined.
  • Mix It: Safe to apply directly to the skin, or mix with carrier oil, favorite shampoo, or lotion
  • Quality: 100% Organic Neem Seed Oil. We spare no expense in the purity of our products

Theraneem is the only brand I use or recommend. Trust an experienced user.. don't waste money going elsewhere. | This is the best oil EVER. This stuff is really great and has worked well.

Powerfully formulated, Theraneem Naturals Neem Oil is cold pressed, 100% pure and unrefined Organic Neem Seed Oil. Thought to promote healthy hair, skin, & nails, Neem Oil can also be used on your skin before outdoor play or in the garden. Mix this oil with your favorite carrier oils, shampoo or lotion for the healing and soothing experience youve been looking for.

Neem is respected by Ayurvedic practitioners for its ability to support healthy skin. Packed with antioxidants and nourishing essential fatty acids, Neem calms and moisturizes even the most sensitive skin.

We believe that health supplements and beauty products should be made in a healthy way, period. Thats why our Neem Oil is 100% certified organic Neem Seed Oil. We spare no expense when it comes to the purity of our products, and our Neem Cream is no exception.

Since 1998, TheraNeem Naturals has taken great care to build Neem-based products for oral, hair, body, pet and outdoor care. Neem has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic treatments and home remedies. Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, Neem Oil helps protect, soothe and nourish even chronically dry skin. We are proud to offer a comprehensive line of Neem infused products for the wellness, health and beauty of those we serve.

Feel the difference and order your bottle of Theraneem Naturals Neem Oil today!