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Solaray Calcium Magnesium Citrate 2:1 Ratio with Vitamin D2, Healthy Bone, Muscle & Nerve Support, 30 Serv, 180 VegCaps

  • Strong Support: Formulated to help support healthy bones, teeth, muscle & nervous system function
  • Bioavailable: 2:1 ratio of Magnesium & Calcium, chelated to citric acid for enhanced absorption
  • Added Support: Formulated with Vitamin D-2 & an herbal base to help the body utilize these minerals
  • Eco-Friendly: Committed to a cleaner planet, we use 100% PCR recycled plastic bottles in our product
  • Trusted Brand: Manufactured in our own facility, vegan & lab verified for potency & purity

Two essential minerals, chelated to citric acid for maximum absorption. Solaray Cal-Mag Citrate with Vitamin D-2 provides all the calcium and magnesium support you need, plus vitamin D-2, designed to help the body assimilate and utilize these minerals more efficiently. We’ve also included a nutrient-rich herbal base of parsley, alfalfa, watercress and dandelion root for additional support.

While your body uses about 1% of its calcium for cardiovascular, muscle and nerve function support, 99% goes to help maintain strong bones and teeth. Meanwhile magnesium is a cofactor in more than 300 biochemical reactions and may help support healthy protein synthesis, muscle and heart function, restful relaxation and a calm mood. This powerful supplement provides both minerals in a 2:1 ratio for the right balance, while the 6-capsule serving lets you control how much you take throughout the day.

Like all Solaray products, Cal-Mag Citrate with Vitamin D-2 is rigorously tested and lab verified for purity and potency. Confidence in the Solaray name is just one of the reasons we’ve been around so long and maintain our place as a leader in the industry. Unlike many other companies, we manufacture almost all our own products. This gives us the ability to thoroughly screen raw ingredients for contaminants and impurities and control every step of the manufacturing process to give you the best product possible. Rest assured, only the best products ever reach your family’s cabinet. And because we are always committed to leaving the world a little better than we found it, we now package this product in 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Count on Cal-Mag Citrate with Vitamin D-2 for powerful bone, muscle and nerve health support and more!