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Nature's Life Vitamin K 1000mcg | Phylloquinone K-1 Supplement, Healthy Bones & Cardiovascular Support | 50CT

  • Maximum Benefit: Each easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsule provides 1000 mcg of Vitamin K1
  • Calcium Connection: Helps support the bodys ability to utilize & direct calcium to your bones
  • Bone & Heart Health: Helps support healthy bone density & strength & cardiovascular function
  • Quality You Can Trust: Vegetarian formula; we are committed to the wellbeing of our customers

Natures Life Vitamin K offers a potent formula, providing 1000 mcg of K as Phylloquinone K-1. A key component in the bodys blood clotting abilities, Vitamin K is also essential in the way the body uses calcium, helping to direct this important mineral where you need it most. Without K to intercede, calcium particles can drift aimlessly and find their way onto arterial walls and organs, where they can build up over time. Vitamin K is known for its reputed ability to help steer calcium away from your arteries and soft tissues and transport it to your bones and teeth.

Taking this Vitamin K supplement regularly, along with Calcium and Vitamin D, may help support Calcium absorption and distribution for strong bones and healthy cardiovascular function.

Like all Natures Life products, our Vitamin K 1000mcg is lab verified for purity and potency. To make sure you get only the best products with the best ingredients, our supplements undergo rigorous screening and testing to rule out contaminants and impurities and ensure the quality of our raw materials and finished goods. You can rest easy knowing each Natures Life product meets its label claims.

Getting enough calcium is only half battle! Try Natures Life Vitamin K 1000mcg today for bone health and cardiovascular support!