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Emerita Midlife Balance Formula with Black Cohosh & Red Clover for Healthy Menopause Support | 30 Servings | 60 Capsules

by Emerita
  • Womens Wellness: Herbal formula designed to provide balancing support for women during menopause
  • Cool It: Black cohosh & red clover are often used for soothing, comforting support at midlife
  • Mood & More: Eleuthero & other herbs may support healthy energy, sleep & general wellbeing
  • Trusted Since 1978: From a leading brand of health and wellness products for four generations of women

Age brings wisdom but it can bring a whole lot of discomfort too! Thats why wise women everywhere are turning to Emerita Midlife Balance Formula.

Designed to help support women experiencing menopause, Emerita Midlife Balance Formula includes powerful herbs reputed for their soothing, comforting support. Black cohosh, red clover, eleuthero, dandelion, alfalfa, and chaste berry work together to help provide balancing support for everything from mood and mentality to sleep and energy.

At Emerita (e-MER-ita), we believe that natural health products should be made in a natural and healthy way. Thats what has made us a womens natural health leader since 1978. Confidence in the Emerita name is just one of the reasons weve been around so long and maintain our place as a leader in the industry. Rest easy knowing our Midlife Balance Formula has been lab verified for purity, potency, and identity that means what you see on the label is what you get. Nothing more, nothing less!

So go ahead, try Midlife Balance Formula and enjoy the next few years with the confidence and the wisdom youve earned!