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Heritage Store Aura Smudge Smokeless Sage | Cleansing & Uplifting Spray for Positive Energy | Paraben Free, Vegan | 4oz | 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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  • Make Space for Vibes: A clean alternative to burning sage sticks, perfect for an energy cleanse
  • Aromatherapy Mist: Formulated with Dalmatian Sage, used for its clearing properties & earthy scent
  • Aura Cleanse: We’ve added Juniper Berry Oil & our signature Vor-Mag Water for more positive vibes
  • Focused Energy: Spray it all around you before a yoga or meditation session for a centered feeling
  • Good for People & Planet: Made without dyes, alcohol†, parabens or phthalates; vegan & cruelty free

Burning Sage is one of the oldest and most traditional ways to cleanse and purify the energy or a person or place. The use of this ancient herb in cleansing rituals, known as smudging, dates back to prehistoric times and extends to virtually all parts of the world.

Heritage Store Aura Smudge Smokeless Sage brings you the clearing and uplifting properties of Sage without the smoke or cleanup involved in traditional smudging. Our liquid sage cleanses and balances your home, work space, car or person and brings healthy energy and positivity into your life.

Perfect to use in places where burning sage sticks is not practical (such as an office or other work space), Aura Smudge mist is formulated with Dalmatian Sage, widely used in aromatherapy for its cleansing properties and rich, earthy scent. Spray Aura Smudge throughout a space or in the air around you or another person to bring positivity, focused energy and good vibes. Insider tip: Mist it all around the room before a yoga or meditation session for a calm, centered feeling.

Our Aura Smudge is vegan and cruelty-free, and is made without dyes, alcohol†, parabens, sulfates or phthalates, so it’s good for you and for the planet. Plus like all Heritage Store products, it’s always lab verified for the purity and quality of its ingredients.