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Solaray Pure CoQ-10 30 mg | Health Heart Function & Cellular Energy Support | Non-GMO, Vegan & Lab Verified for Purity | 60 VegCaps

  • Heart Health: An antioxidant found in your body, CoQ-10 may support healthy cardiovascular function
  • Energy Levels: Involved in energy production, CoQ-10 may improve physical performance & stamina
  • Aging Support: Because CoQ-10 declines with age, Pure CoQ-10 may help restore levels in the body
  • Trusted Brand: Manufactured in our own facility; Non-GMO & Vegan & Lab Verified for potency & purity

Naturally produced in your body, Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ-10) is an antioxidant your cells use for growth and maintenance. Because levels decline with age, adding CoQ-10 to your diet may be beneficial. However, the amount of CoQ-10 found in foods like meat, fish, and whole grains may not be sufficient to significantly increase levels in your body. Thats why Solaray offers 30 mg of Pure CoQ-10 in a convenient, one-capsule serving.

Formulated to support healthy cardiovascular function, Solaray Pure CoQ-10 may also support healthy cellular energy production for improved physical performance and stamina.

Like all Solaray products, Pure CoQ-10 is lab verified for purity, potency and identity. Not only do we require a certificate of analysis from suppliers to guarantee raw material quality and to identify the presence of major allergens, but our state-of-the-art laboratory conducts relevant tests for contaminants. You can rest assured every batch meets the highest-quality standard because you deserve the best.

Vegan & non-GMO, Solaray Pure CoQ-10 is made with the quality difference you can feel try a bottle today!