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Heritage Store Gardenia Flower Water | Refreshing Facial Mist | Refreshing & Hydrating Spray | Vegan, No Alcohol+ | 4oz

  • From Nature’s Garden: Refresh & revive your skin & mood with the sweet scent of gardenias
  • Fresh & Clean: Cools & freshens facial skin; spray onto hair & fabrics or use as a body mist
  • More Uses: Spray all around the room for an amazing aromatherapy experience
  • Minimal Ingredients: Made with just two ingredients, Vor-Mag Water & the Essence of Gardenias
  • Good for People & Planet: No dyes or alcohol+; vegan & always cruelty-free

Looking for a refreshing facial mist to restore moisture to your skin and give your mood a lift? Heritage Store Gardenia Flower Water adds a layer of hydration and revitalizes your skin and mindset with the soft, sweet scent of gardenias. Spray it on your hair to add moisture and softness, use it as an all-over body mist, or spritz it all around the room and enjoy the delicate floral scent. Insider Tip: Spray a little on your pillow and bedclothes at night for an amazing sleep experience. Our Gardenia Flower Water is made with just two ingredients, Essence of Gardenia and Vor-Mag Water — so it’s good for your skin and for the planet. It contains no dyes, alcohol+, parabens, sulfates or phthalates and is vegan and always cruelty free.

For gentle hydration and a soft, delicate scent, try Heritage Store Gardenia Flower Water.


+Guaranteed to contain <20 ppm of ethanol.