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Life-flo Carrier Oil | 16oz

  • Deep Moisture: Food-grade oil cold-pressed from the pulp, very moisturizing to dry hair and skin
  • Powerful Nutrition: Potent source of oleic fatty acids and vitamin A, very beneficial to skin health
  • Antioxidant-Rich: Helps protect skin from free radical damage with antioxidant vitamins
  • Go with the Flo: No parabens, artificial colors or fragrances; hexane-free and lab verified

Cold pressed from the pulp of nutrient-rich avocados, Life-flo Pure Avocado Oil delivers clean, soothing hydration and powerful nutrients to your hair and skin. High in naturally occurring oleic fatty acid and vitamin A, this hardworking oil is absorbed quickly and easily into the skin to add softness and elasticity without clogging pores. Rich in antioxidants, avocado oil also helps protect from free radical damage and is gentle enough for the faces more delicate skin.

An excellent hair nutrient, this multi-purpose beauty oil also makes a perfect treatment for dehydrated or damaged hair and dry, problem scalp. Used alone or added to your favorite conditioner for extra hydration, the oil softens and smooths the hair for a silky, sleek finish and a healthy shine. A perfect base or carrier oil, our Pure Avocado Oil may be blended with a few drops of an essential oil and used for massage or aromatherapy blends. Weve added a small amount of vitamin E to the pure oil to help preserve product freshness.

Like all Life-flo products, Pure Avocado Oil is lab verified for purity and potency. To ensure you get only the best formulas with the best ingredients, our products undergo rigorous screening and testing to rule out contaminants and impurities and determine the potency and quality of our raw materials and finished goods. You can rest easy knowing each Life-flo product meets the high standards youve come to expect from us!

Excellent for hair, skin and scalp, Life-flo Pure Avocado Oil is the perfect beauty oil you should always have on hand!