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LifeTime Diosmin Flavonoid Complex | Circulation, Vein and Heart Health Support with Horse Chestnut | 60ct, 30 Serv

  • Vascular Support: Provides 450 mg of diosmin for proper blood circulation and heart health
  • Healthy Veins: Supports healthy blood vessels for the comfort and appearance of leg veins
  • Herb Power: With horse chestnut, butchers broom and dandelion for added circulatory support
  • LifeTime Quality: Made with premium ingredients; lab verified for purity and potency

A bioflavonoid found primarily in citrus fruits, diosmin may help support healthy circulation, as well as the tone and strength of your blood vessels. Diosmin may also have a beneficial effect on the veins and arteries in your extremities, especially the legs.

LifeTime Diosmin Complex combines the antioxidant support of this powerful plant chemical with an herbal blend designed to further enhance proper blood flow and the appearance, comfort and health of your leg veins. Weve added horse chestnut, an herb made up of 16 to 20% naturally occurring aescin to help maximize blood flow and minimize leg vein discomfort, particularly when youre on your feet too long.

Like all LifeTime products, Diosmin Complex is scientifically formulated using premium ingredients. Because quality is one of our highest priorities, our supplements are lab verified for purity and potency, so you can be certain every formula is the best it can be nothing less. With this goal in mind, our products undergo rigorous screening and testing to rule out contaminants and impurities and ensure the quality of our ingredients and finished goods.

Make LifeTime Diosmin Complex a part of your daily supplementation for circulation and heart health support!