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KAL Magnesium Orotate 200 mg | For Nerve, Muscle, Heart, Relaxation Support | Enhanced Bioavailability | 30 Servings, 120 VegCaps

by KAL
  • Mega Mineral: Support for normal, healthy nerve & muscle function, heart & blood vessel health
  • Carefully Crafted: Chelated and made in our own facility by reacting magnesium with orotic acid
  • KAL Quality: Suitable for vegetarians, our magnesium is highly bioavailable

In the past KAL has been a good brand for me for other supplements, so naturally Ive been purchasing this brand of Magnesium Orotate for several years now.

Magnesium Orotate supports normal, healthy nerve and muscle function while helping to regulate the healthy flow of ions across cellular membranes for increased stability. It may also help support the heart, blood vessels and tissues.

KAL Magnesium Orotate tablets provide 200 mg of Magnesium per serving. We create the Magnesium Orotate material in our own facility by reacting the mineral Magnesium with Orotic Acid. That means you get Magnesium that is chelated and highly bioavailable. Furthermore, Orotic Acid can be found in root vegetables and is associated with energy and metabolism.

The KAL brand has been making the right supplements with the right ingredients nothing more, nothing less for more than 85 years. Since 1932, weve searched the world for the highest-quality nutrients to help support our customers health and wellness. Using leading nutritional research as our constant guide, our evidence-based approach creates loyal customers who find what they need from a brand they trust to offer the very best.

Trust KAL to deliver the magnesium youve been looking for get KAL Magnesium Orotate 200 today!