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NatraBio Childrens Cough & Mucus Nighttime | Homeopathic Relief for Cough, Congestion | Ages 4+ Months | 4oz, 47 Serv.

  • Calm the Cough: Fast-acting bedtime homeopathic for kids may help temporarily quiet a hacking cough
  • Breathe Easier: May help relieve thick mucus, chest or nasal congestion and other temporary symptoms
  • Nighttime Relief: Helps soothe occasional sleeplessness so they can get the rest they need
  • Kids Love It: Tasty natural berry flavor, great for babies 4+ months, and for children of all ages
  • Parent Approved: Contains no alcohol, sugar, honey, gluten, dairy, artificial colors or flavors

When your little ones cant sleep, nobody sleeps! If a hacking cough and chest or nasal congestion are keeping them up at night, NatraBio Cough & Mucus Nighttime Homeopathic Medicine can help with gentle, temporary symptom relief.

Safe for babies 4 months and older, and great for toddlers and children of all ages, this advanced homeopathic remedy goes to work fast so everyone can get some rest! Used at bedtime, our alcohol- and sugar-free liquid formula helps temporarily relieve a hacking cough, thick mucus, chest congestion and a stuffy nose so kids can breathe easier, feel better and settle down for a good nights rest.

Our Childrens Cough & Mucus Nighttime is based on traditional homeopathic practice and theory. Treating children with homeopathy relies on natures own medicines to gently relieve symptoms and promote healing. A safe treatment for most minor ailments, homeopathic medicines use precise levels of key ingredients designed to work safely without side effects.

Bedtime help is here! NatraBio Childrens Cough & Mucus Nighttime gives them gentle, temporary symptom relief!