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VegLife Supreme Vegan D 2000IU | Vitamin D-2 For Bone & Heart Health | High Potency, No Lanolin | 100 Vegan Tablets

by VegLife
  • High Potency: Easy-to-swallow tablet provides 2000 IUs of Vitamin D-2 in a synergistic herbal base
  • Reliable: May help support absorption of calcium, magnesium & phosphorus for healthy bones & heart
  • Sunshine Vitamin: Offers 500% daily value of D, ideal for vegans & persons who dont get enough sun
  • Certified Vegan: 3rd party-certified; the perfect choice for your vegan lifestyle & your health

I trust the company, and I know their products work. My D levels got severely low a few weeks ago, and within a few days of taking the Supreme Vegan D, I felt the difference.

Youve probably heard the news: Your body needs vitamin D to properly absorb and utilize all-important calcium, a mineral essential to bone and heart health, proper muscle and nerve function, and much more. We get most of our D from a biochemical process that happens when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Not enough sun exposure and a vegan diet are two leading causes of vitamin D deficiency, and two reasons why as many as 40% of Americans may not be getting enough D.

VegLife Supreme Vegan D provides 2000 IUs of D-2 in a formula designed to help the body take in and utilize calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. This high potency super D provides 500% of the recommended daily value of vitamin D as vegan ergocalciferol, a form of D perfect for vegans and vegetarians.

VegLife is a 100% Vegan brand designed to meet the unique dietary needs of vegetarians and vegans. All VegLife products are third-party Vegan Certified.

Low-sun winter months and a vegan diet can put you at greater risk for Vitamin D deficiency, which could also mean your bones arent getting enough Calcium. Order VegLife Supreme Vegan D today!