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Natural Balance Super Chitosan 3000 | 120 VegCaps

  • Weight Management: Maximum strength Chitosan may help support healthy weight as part of healthy diet
  • Super Fiber: Fat-binding fiber absorbs up to 8x its weight to help support limited absorption
  • Powerful Formula: 3000mg of Chitosan per serving; non-digestible fiber has no caloric value
  • Diet Plan Included: Healthy diet plan included inside the carton and online

I love Natural Balance products! | A great way to get this fat-binding fiber

Achieving healthy weight goals can feel like an uphill battle! But with the proper nutrition, exercise, and support, its possible! Natural Balance Super Chitosan 3000 is intended to help support you on your journey.

While our Super Chitosan supplement is indeed groundbreaking, this functional fiber is nothing new in fact, its been used in human diets since as early as 1859! However, never has including this fat-binding fiber in your diet been more convenient. With a maximum strength 3000mg serving, Super Chitosan insoluble fiber has special properties known to help bind up to 800% of its weight. Some studies suggest diets rich in fibers like chitosan may help reduce the transit time of foods in the digestive system so less fat is absorbed. Additionally, because chitosan is non-digestible, it has no caloric value. In short, its no wonder Natural Balance Super Chitosan 3000 is the natural choice for healthy weight management support!

Natural Balance has energized peoples health and well-being by offering specialty supplements. Scientifically blending select high-quality ingredients into proprietary formulas is our art.

Let Super Chitosan help support your healthy weight goals order a bottle today!