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Emerita by Life-flo DIM Supplement, Balancing Support for Women with 100mg DIM Plus Calcium D-Glucarate and Broccoli Seed Extract, 60-Day Guarantee, Not Tested on Animals, 30 Servings, 60 VegCaps

by Emerita
  • Women's Health Complex – The DIM supplement women can count on, Emerita by Life-flo DIM is designed to help support women through all stages of the aging process.
  • DIM for Balance – A compound naturally produced in the body and found in broccoli, kale and other cruciferous vegetables, DIM may help support a woman’s balance.
  • Powerhouse Formula – Hardworking DIM complex combines 100mg DIM and 500mg of Calcium D-Glucarate for maximum efficiency in the body.
  • More Plant Nutrients – Our vegetarian capsules also contain 50mg of Broccoli Seed Extract and are guaranteed to provide 5mg (10%) of key compound sulforaphane glucosinolate for maximum support.
  • The Life-flo Difference – Our DIM complex is lab tested in our state-of-the-art facility in Utah to ensure the purity and potency of its ingredients and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Plus like all Life-flo products, it’s never tested on animals.

Feel your best at every stage of life's journey. One of the more important women's support supplements around, DIM, or diindolylmethane, is a compound naturally found in the body and in many cruciferous vegetables. Part of the Emerita by Life-flo product line for women at midlife, DIM 100mg combines this powerful plant nutrient with 500mg of Calcium D-Glucarate and 50mg of Broccoli Seed Extract for maximum benefit. Standardized to contain 5 mg (10%) of the key compound sulforaphane glucosinolate, our DIM complex is designed to help support a woman’s balance. Like all Emerita by Life-flo products, DIM 100 mg is lab tested in our state-of-the-art, GMP-certified facilities in Utah for the purity and potency of its ingredients. We thoroughly screen raw materials for contaminants and impurities and manage the production process to bring you the best possible quality. Plus you can rest assured: no animals were used to test this product. Enjoy the Life-flo difference with clean, powerful DIM support.