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Emerita by Life-flo DHEA Cream for Women, Balancing Cream w/ Dihydrotestosterone, Vitamin E for a Woman's Balance, Made Without Parabens, Fragrance Free, 60-Day Guarantee, Not Tested on Animals, 4oz

by Emerita
  • DHEA for Women – Especially formulated for women as they age, our DHEA body cream is designed to help support a healthy balance and keep you feeling your best.
  • Soothing Comfort – Formulated with high quality dihydrotestosterone, our DHEA topical cream for women goes on smoothly and provides approximately 15mg of DHEA per application (about 1/4 tsp).
  • Easy to Use – Fragrance free, made without parabens and easy to apply. Simply rub cream once daily onto chest, abdomen, inner arms or thighs, rotating area each time. Do not use for more than 3 weeks out of the month.
  • Nourishing Hydration – Never greasy or sticky, this lightweight formula is made with a moisturizing cream base of Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Safflower Oil to leave skin soft and smooth.
  • The Life-flo Difference – Like all Life-flo products, DHEA Balancing Cream is lab tested in our state-of-the-art lab in Utah to ensure the purity and potency of its ingredients, comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and is never tested on animals.

"Very impressed with this cream, both with the quality and the effectiveness..."

From the makers of the renowned Emerita Pro-Gest Balancing Cream - one of the most trusted Progesterone Creams for women experiencing imbalance at midlife - we are pleased to offer our DHEA Balancing Cream. Made with the same Vitamin-E rich formula, this unique blend is formulated with DHEA instead of progesterone.

DHEA is naturally made in the body by the adrenal gland and supports the balance of the body's monthly cycles. DHEA levels tend to decline as we age, and it's estimated the body produces only a fraction of the DHEA it made during its early 20s by midlife. Purely powerful, our Paraben-free cream is formulated with 15mg of DHEA per tsp of cream. Used twice daily, our DHEA Cream will last about two months. Balance is everything.

Emerita (e-MER-ita) has been a womens natural health leader since 1978. Our brand mission is, improving the health and lives of women - a cause that makes us excited to come to work every day. In the 1990s, our flagship progesterone cream product, Pro-Gest Balancing Cream, was introduced at natural food stores, launching a whole category of natural wellness products for mature women. Since then, Emerita has expanded its offerings to include intimacy, feminine care, health supplements, and skincare products, as well.

Let us help improve your life with our DHEA Balancing Cream - order yours today!