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Life-flo Progesta-Care Complete | With USP Progesterone, Pregnenolone & 7-Keto DHEA for Optimal Balance | 4oz Pump

  • Go with the Flo: Formulated to help provide balance support for women at midlife
  • No Guesswork: Each pump provides about 20mg USP Progesterone &15mg each Pregnenolone & 7-Keto DHEA
  • Ultra-Silky: Hydrating cream goes on smoothly for soft, smooth skin & leaves no residue
  • Gentle Botanicals: Soothing cream base made with shea butter, aloe vera & sunflower oil
  • Highest Quality: Paraben free; lab verified for purity & potency; not tested on animals

"I cannot live without it!" | "I have been using this for awhile and it serves its purpose well. The lotion is creamy, has no smell and is non irritating. Would recommend."

Progesta-Care Complete is one of Life-Flo's Optimal Balance Solutions for women experiencing changes in their lives. Our powerful formula provides three highly synergistic ingredients: approximately 20 mg of progesterone USP from Wild Yam, 15mg Pregnenolone, and 15mg 7-Keto DHEA Acetate.

You'll appreciate our high-quality cream that includes no parabens, no artificial colors or fragrances, no phthalates, and no sulfates.

Packaged in an airtight, hygienically sealed container, each press of the pump delivers one serving. Our physician-developed emollient cream goes on silky smooth without leaving residue. Apply once or twice daily as needed or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner. Dispense cream into the palm of the hand and rub onto the skin of your chest, abdomen, inner arms, or thighs, rotating area each time. Use three weeks on and one week off per month..

Life-Flo's products emphasize purity, quality and synergy before cost or expediency. Our products are scientifically formulated, natural and free of harsh chemicals (parabens), artificial colors, and artificial fragrance. We use the latest research and technology, and manufacture in our own state-of-the-art facilities using organic ingredients. Our products are eco-friendly and cruelty free (we do not test on animals).

Enjoy the Life-flo difference! Order Progesta-Care Complete with natural progesterone USP, Pregnenolone, and 7-Keto DHEA Acetate today!