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allOne Multi Vitamin & Mineral Powder for Seniors + Body Gold Ginsana Energy Bundle | 66 Multivitamin/30 Energy Servings

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  • Senior Nutrition: Multivitamin & mineral powder offers 50+ vitamins, minerals, amino acids & more
  • Senior Energy: Ginsana Energy multi-herb complex is designed to support lasting focus & endurance
  • Active Senior Bundle: Designed to provide essential nutrients for seniors & energy w/out a crash
  • Simple Supplementation: 1 Energy VegCap + 1 heaping scoop allOne Powder in water, juice or smoothie
  • Trusted Brands Together: No caffeine, added sugar, or artificial stimulants; lab verified for quality

You may have had one or two more birthdays than most but that doesnt mean youre ready to slow down! Thats why allOne teamed up with Body Gold to offer a powerful Active Senior Bundle designed to help provide the nutrition and energy you need to make your golden years truly golden.

Beginning with a whole-food base of rice bran, one serving of allOne Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Powder for Active Seniors provides more than 50 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. The addition of Lutein, CoQ-10, High Potency B-Complex, Ginkgo Biloba, Reishi Mushroom and extra Calcium makes this vitamin formula complete nutrition for seniors. Gluten free and non-GMO, our formula is readily absorbed, easily digested, and contains absolutely no gluten, sweeteners, flavors, additives, or fillers. Simply add one heaping tablespoon of the unflavored powder to a glass of water, juice, smoothie, or protein shake to create a complete, wholesome, and nutritional vitamin supplement. Now, thats healthy living made easy!

Next, live your later years in crescendo using Body Gold Ginsana Energy. Naturally powered by 200 mg of Panax ginseng root extract, each capsule supplies 4% ginsenosides the same level of energizing actives used in multiple clinical studies. But we dont stop there. A proprietary herbal energy blend is designed to work gradually with your body to help you make the most of every day. With no caffeine, no added sugar, and no jarring artificial stimulants, you can take Ginsana Energy with confidence, knowing you get the energy without grogginess, after-effects, or the dreaded crash! For best results, use consistently as the natural herbals may have a compounding effect over time.

Both allOne & Body Gold are committed to offering supplements that work without sacrificing quality. Trust Sleep Blend & Ginsana Energy to be lab verified for potency, purity, and identity and try our bundle today!