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Cold Pressed Black Seed 3% Thymoquinone 500mg

by Solaray
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Black seed has been used for centuries because of its nutrient dense properties. Due to its trusted reputation, Solaray is excited to add our own black seed to our line of powerful health supplements, Cold Pressed Black Seed 3% Thymoquinone.

Black seed, or Nigella sativa, has been thought to offer a wide array of health benefits, including healthy circulation support, support for healthy digestion and healthy immune function support. Many of black seedÔøΩs purported health benefits are due to it being richly dense with nutrients such as the phytochemical compound thymoquinone. These powerful nutrients may also support joint comfort, respiratory health and vitality. Solaray Cold Pressed Black Seed yields a guaranteed phyto-active potency of 3% thymoquinone or 15 mg per serving.

Solaray Black Seed is non-GMO, vegan and lab verified for potency, purity and identity. Cold Pressed Black Seed 3% Thymoquinone Just Works Better so you Shine Brighter.