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Heritage Store Activated Charcoal Whitening Tooth Powder | Targeted Probiotics & Theobromine Clean Teeth & Gums | Hygienic Dispenser | 120+ Brushes

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  • Comprehensive Clean: Charcoal helps lift stains; theobromine, myrrh & more cleanse enamel & gums
  • Healthy & Fresh: Probiotics refresh oral environment; organic peppermint leaf oil freshens breath
  • Easy & Hygienic: Small hole cap dispenses powder neatly onto brush; no repeat toothbrush dipping
  • Pure Power: Fluoride, sulfate, paraben, phthalate & gluten-free; no artificial colors/flavors; vegan
  • Customers Say: Easily the best value charcoal teeth whitening powder Ive found

Love that I can get 120 brushes out of this. And its the most hygienic bottle Ive ever seen. Rather than dipping a wet toothbrush repeatedly through a wide-mouth bottle, this bottle dispenses the powder nice and neat onto the toothbrush super appreciated when youre a germaphobe and the whole family likes to use the powder!

Looking for a powerful teeth whitening powder thats as effective as it is hygienic? Youve found it! Our comprehensive formula is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a whiter, brighter smile without the chemicals and artificial ingredients you dont want in your mouth.

Brushing with eco-friendly, pure, activated charcoal from coconut shell helps removes biofilm to lift stains for whiter teeth while targeted probiotics help to support a healthy oral environment. Theobromine extract, myrrh gum, sea salt, baking soda, and xylitol cleanse tooth enamel and gums while spearmint, cinnamon, and organic peppermint leaf oil help to refresh breath.

We believe that health supplements and cosmetics should be made in a healthy way, period. Thats why our eco-friendly, vegan Charcoal Whitening Tooth Powder is fluoride-, sulfate-, paraben-, phthalate-, and gluten-free and contains no artificial colors or flavors.

The Heritage Store has led the way in creating natural health and beauty products since 1969. Based on Edgar Cayce's, the father of holistic medicine, inspiring legacy of health, Heritage Store products have continued to be a source of strength and health support.

Let your smile sparkle and get Activated Charcoal Whitening Tooth Powder today!