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Heritage Store Colloidal Silver Foaming Liquid Soap | Gentle, Emollient Hand & Body Formula | With Refreshing Rosemary/Spearmint Essential Oils | 8oz

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  • Powerful Defense: Colloidal silver soap keeps your hands clean, the first step to staying healthy!
  • Great for Your Skin: Moisturizing formula cleanses without stripping natural oils
  • Terrific Scent: Invigorating Rosemary & Spearmint essential oils leave your skin smelling great!
  • Pure: Sulfate free, vegan formula; gluten and paraben free, and great for the entire family
  • Customers Say: Amazing product! ...Smells wonderful and is NOT drying, but very soft to the skin.

Used the Unscented version many times, but love this one, scented with Rosemary and Spearmint. It's very softly fragranced, not strong at all We use this in our restaurant for our hands and surfaces, especially cutting surfacesno more chlorinated bleach fumes! It's gentle enough for the face too.

Clean hands are your first step to staying healthy. Heritage Store Colloidal Silver Foaming Soap provides all the cleansing action youll need for that cool, fresh feeling. Gentle enough for your face and great as an all-over soap, this liquid formula is perfect for every sink, shower or tub in your home. Made with mild olive oil castile and coconut oil soaps that wont strip the skins natural oils, our unique formula also includes castor and other plant oils to smooth and moisturize.

Keep a bottle in your kids backpack or lunchbox for a quick midday cleanup, and another by your kitchen sink to wash hands and cutting surfaces as needed throughout the day. The uplifting, delightful Rosemary/Spearmint scent from essential oils and handy, eco-friendly pump dispenser are added bonuses.

The Heritage Store has led the way in creating natural health and beauty products since 1969. Based on father of holistic medicine Edgar Cayce's inspiring legacy of health, Heritage Store products have continued to be a source of strength and health support.

Order Heritage Store Colloidal Silver Foaming Soap, perfect for every sink, shower and tub in your home!