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Heritage Store Eucalyptus Essential Oil | Aromatherapy for Clearing Breath, Soothing Skin & Cleansing Air | 1 FL OZ

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  • Essentially Limitless: Eucalyptus is an essential oil staple due to its versatility & aromatic scent
  • Clean & Clear: Add to a diffuser or rub onto chest or back for a refreshing, clearing sensation
  • Renew & Soothe: Mix with massage oils, vapor rubs or DIY skincare products for enhanced benefits
  • Positive Vibes: 100% pure, eco-friendly and cruelty-free essential eucalyptus globulus leaf oil

The very essence of clean and clear.

Eucalyptus is an essential oil staple for its versatility and strong aromatic scent. Harvested from Australia, eucalyptus can help create a refreshed environment. With just a few drops Eucalyptus will transform your shower or room into a clean, refreshing and enlightening oasis. When applied to the chest or back, eucalyptus is renewing and soothing.

Its cooling and cleansing properties also make it great for use in DIY skincare products, soothing massage oils, and vapor rubs. However you use it, your senses will basque in the clean, clear smell and revitalizing feel of eucalyptus.

Since 1969, Heritage Store has been a staple in the natural beauty space, offering a wide variety of simple, clean products, including our Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Founded on the mission to 'enhance the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of all that we serve with love,' Heritage Store's self-care solutions have been empowering people long before 'self-care' became a buzzword.

Our approach is simple and timeless: we draw from the natural wisdom of Mother Nature and the heritage of world healing traditions to create the best products for your skin, smile and soul. We believe in positive energy and continue to pass it along through our products. That is why we remain committed to bringing you cruelty-free and responsibly sourced products.

Try our Eucalyptus Essential Oil today!