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Honey Gardens Bee Propolis Throat Spray | With Apitherapy Raw Honey, Licorice Root and Usnea | 50 Servings | 1 Fl. Oz.

  • Powerful Propolis: Bees gather propolis to coat their hives and maintain a healthy environment
  • Immune Support: Naturally containing flavonoids, propolis may help support healthy immune function
  • Soothing: Simply take 3 sprays internally to help support the immune system and calm your throat
  • Maximum Effectiveness: Synergistic blend of propolis, US Grade A raw honey, licorice root & usnea

Dont bee surprised but once again, nature got it right! A resin of pine and poplar trees, propolis is like the immune system of a beehive the bees gather propolis and use it to coat the inside of their hive in order to maintain a healthy environment. Naturally containing immune-supporting flavonoids, imagine what it can do for your throat and body!

While propolis provides powerful benefits alone, our super soothing formula also includes a proprietary blend of US Grade A raw honey, licorice root, and usnea lichen for maximum effectiveness. To help support your immune system & calm your throat, simply take 3 sprays internally as needed up to 3 times daily.

The use of honey bee products (Apitherapy) is central to the Honey Gardens brand. All of our products are developed to share the power of the hive with consumers. Trust Honey Gardens for the purest, most delicious, most beneficial honey products you can find!

For the soothing, healthy immune function support youre looking for, trust Honey Gardens Propolis Spray. Try it today!