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Woodland Hormone Balance & Thyroid Disease: Using the Power of the Microbiome

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  • If there is a common element underlying nearly all womens health issues, it is a component of microbiome dysfunction. Whether the issue is hormonal or thyroid based, all roads inevitably lead back to the bacteria. Bacteria are the sine qua non of life; they contain the software of healing. Only when we add the right bacterial strains to the diet can we begin to heal at the deepest level.
  • When it comes to nearly all womens health issues, invariably there is some level of microbiome dysfunction. When we fix this underlying issue, symptoms often resolve. A high-quality regimen of probiotics, prebiotics, and some of the many compounds that the microbiome produces can help.
  • Learn Dr. Kellman's "Microbiome Protocol": The cornerstone for the treatment of virtually all hormone and thyroid disease related illnesses as well as the maintenance of good health is what Dr. Kellman calls the microbiome protocol. Following this regimen sets the stage for you to heal your own ailments and put you on a course of good health, focus, and vitality.
  • We have a new model, a new way of understanding diseases. The key is understanding the bacteria and healing the microbiome. From that, we can heal countless numbers of people. -Dr. Raphael Kellman, Founder of Microbiome Medicine


From menstruation and fertility to menopause and mood, were quick to think female issues simply stem from hormone imbalances. But, as it turns out, theres more to the story  and more that can be done to help  than many women think.

Offering hope and healing to women everywhere, Raphael Kellman, MD, explains the role of the microbiome in your physical, emotional, and mental health  and what can be done to help bring balance back.

The founder of Microbiome Medicine, Dr. Raphael Kellman is also medical director of the Kellman Center in New York City and the bestselling author of The Microbiome Breakthrough and The Microbiome Diet. Specializing in thyroid disorders, gastro concerns, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, autism, anxiety, Lyme disease, cancer treatments, infertility, weight management, and unexplained malaise, Dr. Kellman has treated tens of thousands of patients using his microbiome-centered approach to medicine. And he hopes to help you too.

In Book Two of The Microbiome Health Series, Hormone Balance & Thyroid Disease, Dr. Kellman explores the complex relationship between the microbiome, the thyroid, and hormones and The Four Rs of his Microbiome Protocol (Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, and Repair) to address issues including weight gain, irregular periods, insomnia, fatigue, menopause, infertility, skin issues, anxiety, and brain fog.

A quick, to-the-point read that you can reference again and again, Hormone Balance & Thyroid Disease will teach you what foods disrupt your whole ecology, the digestive enzymes you need for optimal digestion, the prebiotics and targeted probiotics that replenish your microbiome, and what you need to add to your daily regimen in order to restore the balance youve been looking for.

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