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KAL Dino Colostrum | Natural Dark Chocolate Flavor | Healthy Immune Function and Tissue Growth & Repair Support for Kids and Adults | 60 Chewables

by KAL
  • Nutrient Packed Bovine Colostrum: Protein-based chews w/ immune supporting factors for kids & adults
  • Protective Nourishment: Contains growth factor IGF, thought to help support healthy tissue growth
  • Only the Best: Certified Hormone Free & 100% bovine colostrum from New Zealand pasture fed cows
  • Chewable & Healthy: Natural Dark Chocolate Flavor chewables w/ xylitol; fructose free

Love these! I'll admit I'm an adult and I bought these. I normally take colostrum in the AM and PM but I bought these so I can take it on the go without having to bring my colostrum powder from home everywhere. These honestly taste great...I think these are cute, fun, and tasty and a great addition to any child OR adult diet.

Dino Colostrum dietary supplement is a low-heat, Certified Hormone Free, 100% Bovine Colostrum from New Zealand pasture fed cows. A concentrate of nutrients and immune supporting factors, Dino Colostrum contains the growth factor IGF which is thought to help support healthy protein synthesis as well as tissue growth and repair in infants, children and adults. A protein-based supplement that includes lactoferrin and immunoglobulins, Dino Colostrum may help support protective nourishment that can add to general immune health and well being.

The KAL brand has been making the right supplements with the right ingredients nothing more, nothing less for more than 85 years. Since 1932, weve searched the world for the highest-quality nutrients to help support our customers health and wellness. Using leading nutritional research as our constant guide, our evidence-based approach creates loyal customers who find what they need from a brand they trust to offer the very best.

Our Manufacturer
At KAL, quality is among our highest priorities. To ensure you get only the best supplements with the best ingredients, our manufacturer, Nutraceutical Corp, requires a certificate of analysis from each supplier to guarantee product quality. Rest assured, every batch meets the highest-quality standard because you deserve the best.