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KAL Melatonin 3 mg | Healthy Relaxation & Sleep Support Formula | Fast-Acting | With Vitamin B-6 (30 CT)

by KAL
  • Powerful: Each tablet provides a powerful 3 mg of melatonin and 10 mg of vitamin B-6
  • Hurry Up and Relax: Our AcitvTab technology is designed to get to work quickly for fast support
  • One Daily: Each convenient one-tablet serving per day is formulated to help a healthy sleep cycle
  • KAL Quality: Manufactured in our own facility; lab verified for potency, purity, & identity
  • Customers Say: "I hope they never discontinue this product."

The only thing that makes a long day longer is getting little to no rest the night before. Because we all function better when we’re well rested, KAL has developed our potent and nutrient rich Melatonin 3 mg supplement. 



Formulated to help a healthy sleep cycle, KAL fast-acting Melatonin 3 mg tablets provide Melatonin and 10 mg of Vitamin B-6. For fast-acting support, our ActivTab release technology guarantees tablet disintegration within 30 minutes according to USP standards. The addition of B-6 may help provide added benefits including supporting healthy serotonin synthesis – important for healthy rest. 



Like all KAL products, our Melatonin ingredients are lab tested for potency, purity and identity – you can trust KAL to always provide the very best. Rely on KAL to deliver the relaxation support you’ve been longing for – order our fast-acting Melatonin 3 mg today!