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itle KAL Niacinamide 250mg Tablets, Vitamin B3 Supplement for Skin Health, Energy Metabolism, Nerve, Circulation and Digestion Support, Enhanced Absorption ActivTabs, Vegan, 100 Servings, 100 Tablets

by KAL
  • Niacinamide for Skin - A form of Niacin (Vitamin B3), Niacinamide is an excellent skin supplement. Very beneficial to skin health, it is often used in face serums, facial creams & moisturizers and other skin care formulas for its nourishing properties.
  • More Daily Benefits - A Niacinamide supplement may also help support the normal, healthy metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and protein for healthy energy, as well as helping maintain proper circulation, nerve and digestive function.
  • Flush Free Support - Supplying 250 mg of Niacinamide, this Niacin derivative may provide all the benefits of this important B Vitamin without the Niacin flush.
  • Smart Choice: Our ActivTab Technology guarantees tablet disintegration within 30 minutes, as per USP standards, so the Niacinamide is readily absorbed. In addition, we use PCR bottles made from plastic removed from oceans and landfills for a positive environmental impact.
  • KAL Quality – Made in our GMP-certified facility in Utah and tested in our own state-of-the-art lab for the potency and purity of its ingredients, our Niacinamide B3 is vegan and comes with a standard 60-day money back guarantee.

Essential to your health from the inside out, Niacinamide, a Niacin derivative, is a vital nutrient that may help support the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for healthy energy. This important B vitamin (also known as Vitamin B3) may also help with healthy nerve function, circulation and digestive support. But one of its most important benefits may be to your skin. Often used topically in face moisturizers, serums and other skincare products, Niacinamide may provide nourishing support for healthy, vibrant skin when taken as a supplement.

Unlike many forms of Niacin, our no-flush Niacinamide is designed not to cause the skin flushing often associated with niacin supplementation, which makes the skin temporarily appear red and warm to the touch.

Niacinamide 250mg is vegan, and like all KAL products, is lab verified for purity, potency and ingredient identity. Confidence in the KAL name is just one of the reasons we’ve been around so long and maintain our place as a leader in the industry. Unlike many other companies, we manufacture almost all our own products in our GMP-certified facility in Utah. This gives us the ability to thoroughly test and screen raw ingredients for contaminants and impurities and manage the production process to bring you the best possible quality. Rest assured, only the purest formulas ever reach your cabinet.

For essential niacin support, count on KAL Niacinamide 250 mg!