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KAL Nutritional Yeast | B Vitamins & Naturally Occurring Amino Acids | Healthy Hair, Skin & Energy Support (500 CT)

by KAL
  • Big on B: Good source of B-Vitamins for healthy hair, skin, immune function & metabolism support
  • Building Blocks: Naturally occurring amino acids may help support healthy protein synthesis
  • Simple Convenience: Get the nutrition of primary grown nutritional yeast in convenient tabs
  • ActivTab Tech: Guaranteed tablet disintegration within 30 minutes according to USP standards
  • KAL Quality: Made in our own facility; Vegan, non-GMO & lab verified for potency & purity

Nearly 2 decades later, I am STILL a big believer of these yeast pills.

Helping support healthy hair, skin, and nails is just one of the many functions of B-Complex Vitamins. A good source of B Vitamins, KAL Nutritional Yeast Tablets may also help support nerve impulse transmission, immune system function, energy metabolism, and red blood cell formation. Furthermore, with naturally occurring amino acids, our yeast supplement may also help support healthy protein synthesis. Because most B-Vitamins are not stored in the body, they must be acquired through diet or supplementation. KAL Nutritional Yeast Tablets are fortified for additional B-Complex Vitamin support.

When it comes to quality, no one does it like KAL! Not only are our Nutritional Yeast Tablets formulated using our ActivTab Technology for rapid disintegration (guaranteed within 30 minutes according to USP standards), they are also non-GMO, vegan, and lab verified for identity, potency, and purity. Lastly, a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee means you get what you expect or your money back. Thats the KAL promise!

The KAL brand has been making the right nutritional products with the right ingredients nothing more, nothing less for 85 years. Since 1932, weve searched the world for the highest-quality nutrients to help support our customers health and wellness. Using leading nutritional research as our constant guide, our evidence-based approach creates loyal customers who find what they need from a brand they trust to offer the very best.

Trust KAL to deliver the Nutritional Yeast youve been looking for get KAL Nutritional Yeast Tablets today!