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Natural Balance Saw Palmetto Plus for Mens Prostate Health | Urinary Frequency & Flow Support w/ Pygeum & Pumpkin Seeds | 100 VegCaps, 50 Servings

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  • Mens Complex: Powerful nutrients are designed to help support your prostate as you age
  • Healthy Flow: Potent support from saw palmetto berry & extract may help cut back on bathroom trips
  • Synergistic Blend: Formulated w/ pygeum & pumpkin seeds for added prostate & bladder health support
  • Our Promise: Made with high quality ingredients & lab verified for purity & potency

As men age, changes to prostate function can affect urinary flow and frequency. Prostate discomfort and multiple bathroom trips during the night can interrupt sleep and affect your overall health. Important nutrients in saw palmetto may have a beneficial effect of prostate health.

Natural Balance Saw Palmetto Plus for Men is formulated with both saw palmetto extract and berry powder for greater synergy and efficacy. Our powerful complex provides 554 mg of saw palmetto berry and 180 mg of the extract, standardized to 11% fatty acids and plant sterols. These fatty acids and sterols are designed to work together to support healthy prostate function and may help cut back on the frequent need to urinate. We've added pumpkin seeds, pygeum and cayenne for additional prostate and bladder health support.

Like all Natural Balance products, Saw Palmetto Plus is lab verified for purity, potency and identity. To ensure you get only the best supplement with the best ingredients, our products undergo rigorous screening and testing to rule out contaminants and impurities and determine the potency and quality of our raw materials and finished goods. So go ahead and rest easy, knowing each bottle of Saw Palmetto Plus meets its label claims.

It's never too early to start caring for your prostate. Natural Balance Saw Palmetto Plus for Men is a great first step!