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Natural Balance Yohimbe PowerMax 2000 | Maximum Strength Formula w/ Pure Yohimbe Bark | Sexual Energy & Virility Supplement | 100 VegCaps, 50 Serv.

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  • Virility Formula: Traditional African herb helps support healthy sexual energy, stamina & blood flow
  • Full Strength: Provides 188 mg yohimbe extract & 15mg of key component yohimbine for maximum benefit
  • Metabolism: Designed to support energy production for a boost in metabolism
  • Our Promise: Made with high quality ingredients & lab verified for purity & potency

Known as the love tree, the yohimbe, a tropical evergreen from West Africa, has been studied extensively for its beneficial effect on mens sexual health and virility. Yohimbes inner bark extract and its key component, yohimbine, may help support vitality, endurance and healthy blood flow.

Great for men of all ages, maximum strength Natural Balance Yohimbe PowerMax 2000 is designed to support healthy energy levels and help bring back that youthful stamina that may have been missing from your life. Used traditionally as a male enhancement herb, yohimbe may also help boost energy production and metabolism to support an active lifestyle.

Like all Natural Balance products, Yohimbe PowerMax 2000 is lab verified for purity, potency and identity. To ensure you get only the best supplement with the best ingredients, our products undergo a rigorous screening and testing protocol for raw materials and finished goods. So go ahead and rest easy, knowing each Natural Balance product meets its label claims.

Make Natural Balance Yohimbe PowerMax 2000 a part of your daily supplement regimen!