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Natures Life Liquid Coconut Oil Body Spray, Pure & Fractionated | Light, Fast-Absorbing Hair & Skin Moisturizer | 6oz

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  • MCTs for Moisture: Pure, liquid coconut oil fractionated to contain only medium chain triglycerides
  • Perfectly Soft: Light, fast-absorbing oil replenishes & nourishes dry skin & hair on contact
  • Simple & Convenient: Non-greasy spray-on moisturizer stays liquid at room temperature
  • Our Promise: Food-grade oil from premium coconuts; 100% vegetarian & not tested on animals
  • Committed to Quality: Lab verified using strict standards to ensure purity & potency

Softening and smoothing dehydrated skin and dry/damaged hair for literally thousands of years, coconut oil is the perfect moisturizing nutrient for all-over care.

Natures Life Liquid Coconut Oil Body Spray brings you 100% pure coconut oil that has been fractionated to contain only a fraction of the whole oil its medium chain triglycerides, or MCTs. This renders a non-greasy, fast-absorbing oil that retains all the nourishing properties of coconut oil, is odorless and stays liquid at room temperature.

Ideal for sensitive skin, our convenient spray goes on evenly where you need it most, and makes an excellent, all-purpose moisturizer. Apply it to your face and neck, all over in place of a body lotion, or onto heels, elbows and other areas prone to roughness. Try it as a conditioner, after or in-between shampoos, to hydrate and smooth the hair, reduce frizzing and add beautiful shine. Or work a little onto your nails to help them look less brittle and soften cuticles.

Like all Natures Life products, our Coconut Oil Body Spray is lab verified for purity and potency. To make sure you get only the best formulas with the best ingredients, our products undergo rigorous screening and testing to rule out contaminants and impurities and ensure the quality of our raw materials and finished goods. You can rest easy knowing each Natures Life product meets the high standards youve come to expect from us.

Lightweight and fast-absorbing, Natures Life Liquid Coconut Oil Body Spray may be the perfect, all-in-one hair and skin moisturizer!