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Nature's Life Magnesium 500mg High Potency Magnesium Supplement Plus Vitamin B-6 for Muscle & Nerve Support 250ct (180 CT)

  • Power Pairing: Includes Magnesium plus Vitamin B-6 for nutritive support of muscles, nerves & bones
  • High Potency: Each capsule contains 500 mg Magnesium (Oxide, Citrate, Malate) & 5 mg of B6
  • Essential: Magnesium is involved in 300+ biochemical processes & helps support a healthy heart
  • Only the Best: Our high-quality, gluten-free non-GMO formula comes in vegetarian capsules

If you are on the fence about buying this product, don't hesitate. It is absolutely one of the best supplements I have ever taken...This helped me tremendously.

Involved in more than 300 biochemical processes in the body, Magnesium is an essential mineral with big benefits. Thats why Natures Life offers our high-quality Magnesium Capsules in a potent 500 mg capsule. Yes, you read that right  unlike other Magnesium supplements that boast high dosages but require you to take multiple capsules  each of our capsules contains 500 mg of Magnesium Oxide, Citrate, & Malate.

But we dont stop there. Weve also included 5 mg of Vitamin B-6 which is also necessary for key metabolic processes and helps support a healthy nervous system. Together, Magnesium & Vitamin B-6 work to help support the normal function of cells, nerves, muscles, bones, and the heart.

Since 1970 Natures Life has been providing high quality supplements that were proud to stand behind. We are committed to the wellbeing of our customers and everything we do is focused on helping our users achieve their optimal health.

<>pTrust our gluten-free & non-GMO formula to deliver high-quality Magnesium to help support your wellbeing  order a bottle today!