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Nature's Life Super Cal Mag | 1000mg of Calcium & 500mg of Magnesium with Vitamin D-2 | Healthy Teeth & Bones Support (100 CT)

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  • Dynamic Duo: Calcium & Magnesium work synergistically to support & maintain healthy teeth & bones
  • Dont Forget the D: 800 IU Vitamin D-2 added to enhance calcium absorption and metabolism
  • Our Promise: Purchase worry free with our 60 day money-back guarantee!
  • Quality You Can Trust: Manufactured in our own facility

I've been using this for a few years now - and it is a great source of calcium as well as vitamin D - plus a bit of magnesium as well.... | Great balance of cal to mag

Calcium and magnesium have been the subject of numerous studies due to their role in supporting bone density in people of all ages including those who are magnesium deficient. Our Super Cal Mag formula features Magnesium in many different forms including citrate, aspartate and naturally occurring oxide. By using multiple forms, the body's ability for potential absorption and utilization may increase.

Formulated to support and maintain healthy bones and teeth, Natures Life Super Cal Mag has the additional benefit of Vitamin D which is intended to help enhance calcium absorption and metabolism. Each two-tablet serving provides 1,000 mg Calcium, 500 mg Magnesium & 800 IU Vitamin D-2 for complete support.

Since 1970 Natures Life has been providing high quality supplements that were proud to stand behind. We are committed to the wellbeing of our customers and everything we do is focused on helping our users achieve their optimal health.

Natures Life supports your healthiest life! Order your bottle of Super Cal Mag today and feel the difference.