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Nature's Life White Willow Bark | With Salicin for Healthy Joint & Muscle Function Support | Non-GMO| 100ct, 50 Serv.

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  • A Long History: One of the first herbs studied by science for a key component in its bark, salicin
  • Soothing: May help support joint & muscle comfort & a healthy response to occasional inflammation
  • Traditional Use: Its use dates back to ancient Greeks and Egyptians, who chewed the bark as a remedy
  • Quality You Can Trust: Non-GMO & vegetarian; unique FreshCare System for potency & freshness

An ancient European herb, white willow bark has been used as an herbal remedy since the times of ancient Greece and Egypt. One of the first herbs to be scientifically studied for a key component in its bark  salicin  thought to be the source of its many potential health benefits.

A powerful glycoside, salicin may help support joint and muscle health and comfort, as well as a normal response to occasional inflammation in the body. In addition, flavonoids in white willow bark may help support antioxidant activity in the body and offer protection from damaging free radicals.

Non-GMO and vegan, Nature's Life White Willow Bark provides 750 mg of the pure bark extract, and contains no fillers, additives or preservatives. Plus like all our products, it's lab verified for purity and potency. To make sure you get only the best products with the best ingredients, our supplements undergo a rigorous process to rule out contaminants and impurities and determine the quality of our ingredients and finished goods. In addition, our capsules maximize freshness through careful formulation and environmentally sensitive packaging, part of our unique FreshCare System.

Nature's Life is proud to bring you White Willow Bark 750 mg, one of the first herbal remedies studied by medical science!