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Pioneer Cal Mag & Vitamin D Chewable for Children | Chocolate Flavor from Organic Cocoa | No Sugar, Dairy or Gluten | 120 Count

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  • Bridge the Nutrition Gap: Calcium, magnesium & Vitamin D3 to support your kids healthy teeth & bones
  • Chews Your Vitamin: Delicious chocolate chewables make vitamins easier to swallow
  • Verified Gluten Free: Pioneer products are tested & verified to contain 10 ppm or less of gluten
  • Proven by Professionals: Helping people w/ digestive sensitivities meet increased nutritional needs

...Awesome! We found our new vitamins!... | Both of my kids voluntarily eat up this vegan/gluten free Cal/Mag/D formula!

Many children dont meet their needs for calcium through diet alone. Calcium and other bone-healthy nutrients are especially critical in childhood and adolescence since this is when the majority of bone formation takes place. Our Childrens Cal Mag & D supplement provides support for healthy bones and teeth in a delicious chocolate chewable tablet. Our comprehensive formula contains calcium and magnesium in multiple forms including the naturally-occurring forms, calcium carbonate, and magnesium oxide and the well-absorbed citric acid chelate form, calcium citrate and magnesium citrate.

Childrens Cal Mag & D is flavored with premium organic cocoa. Kids say this product tastes like chocolate milk, making our chewable easier to take than a traditional capsule or tablet.

Founded in 1984 by a licensed naturopathic clinician, our mission at Pioneer is to develop comprehensive formulas that can be used together to provide total body health. As the leading gluten-free supplement brand, Pioneers products are verified gluten free. Not only do we source gluten free raw materials, but we also test every finished batch of product to ensure that there is less than 10 ppm gluten and 5 ppm gliadin in every finished product. Cutting-edge clinical research and traditional methodology are used to produce Pioneers Comprehensive Premium Formulas, consisting of the highest quality, handcrafted products with optimally-absorbed ingredients. Pioneer formulates effective products you can trust. Our expert staff has always included a licensed naturopathic doctor with years of experience researching, recommending and formulating natural medicine.

Chews to take your vitamins and order your bottle today!