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Pioneer D3 & K2 Chewable Vitamins | Natural Spearmint Flavor | High Potency Supplement | Verified No Gluten | 90 Count

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  • Dynamic Duo: Vitamin D3 delivers calcium to your body while Vitamin K2 directs it to your bones
  • Benefits of the Sun w/o the Burn: D3 is the vitamin your body produces in response to sun exposure
  • Verified Gluten Free: Pioneer products are tested & verified to contain 10 ppm or less of gluten
  • Proven by Professionals: Helping people w/ digestive sensitivities meet increased nutritional needs

...Highly palatable and easy to chew! | Good combination, tasty, think it gets the job done! | ...Great alternative for getting that D in your system. They are not chalky and Its great that they are chewable . I get tired of swallowing pills!

Like peanut butter & jelly, socks & shoes, March and basketball--some things just go together. Thats the case with vitamins K2 and D3. While Vitamin D3 is known for its role in bone strength, immune support, and healthy muscle function, Vitamin K2 helps to maximize these benefits.

Whether you have difficulty swallowing or just prefer to chew your vitamins, the delicious and natural spearmint flavor of our chewable makes it go down easier than a traditional capsule. Additionally, chewable products are thought to be beneficial for nutrient absorption. The process of chewing stimulates both oral enzyme production and gastric HCL production, allowing for optimal breakdown of the formula while also minimizing digestive discomfort for sensitive individuals.

Founded in 1984 by a licensed naturopathic clinician, our mission at Pioneer is to develop comprehensive formulas that can be used together to provide total body health. As a leading gluten-free supplement brand, Pioneers products are verified gluten free. Not only do we source gluten free raw materials, but we also test every finished batch of product to ensure that there is less than 10 ppm gluten and 5 ppm gliadin in every finished product. Cutting-edge clinical research and traditional methodology are used to produce Pioneers Comprehensive Premium Formulas, consisting of the highest quality, handcrafted products with optimally-absorbed ingredients. Pioneer formulates effective products you can trust. Our expert staff has always included a licensed naturopathic doctor with years of experience researching, recommending and formulating natural medicine.

Chews to take your vitamins and order your bottle today!