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Solaray Berberine Root Extract Advanced Formula | AMPK Activator | Healthy Immune, Digestion & Metabolism Support | 60 VegCaps

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  • Advanced Formula: A golden yellow alkaloid obtained from Indian Barberry & Oregon Grape
  • Traditional: Helps support healthy blood sugar balance, digestion, cardiovascular & immune function
  • AMPK Activator: Great Keto support, helps support glucose utilization, metabolism & ketone synthesis
  • Trusted Brand: Trusted Solaray brand; non-GMO, Lab-Verified for potency, purity & identity
  • Customers Say: Excellent product | These really work.

These really work. I am on my second bottle...I feel like my health in general is improving.

In 1973, Solaray began to formulate herbal blends for specific health benefits. Over the years, Solaray pioneered many innovative products and has become a trusted full-line dietary supplement brand found in health and natural food stores all around the world. True to our commitment to stay leading edge in powerful supplementation, we are proud to offer our Berberine Root Extract Advanced Formula!

Berberine is a golden yellow alkaloid obtained from the roots and stems of plants such as Indian barberry and Oregon grape. These berberine-containing plants have been used throughout the world dating back over 3,000 years. From gut health support and immune function to blood sugar balance and cardiovascular support, Berberine is a staple youll want to add to your supplement cabinet if you havent already!

Intended to support digestive health, gut health, immune function, healthy blood sugar balance, cardiovascular function, & metabolism regulation, Berberine is also an AMPK Activator. Those following the ketogenic diet appreciate the reputed role Berberine plays as a metabolic regulator that helps supports the bodys metabolization of fatty acids, usage and storage of glucose, and making ketones.

Our non-GMO, vegan Berberine Root Extract Advanced Formula is lab verified for identity, potency, and purity and a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee means you get what you expect or your money back. Our quality is a difference that you can feel.

Feel the difference of our Berberine Root Extract Advanced Formula order a bottle today!