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Solaray Catuaba Bark Extract 930 mg | Healthy Libido, Mood & Energy Support | Whole Bark | No Excipients or Fillers | Non-GMO & Vegan | 100 VegCaps

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  • Praised Plant: Found in the Amazon, Catuaba may help support healthy libido, mood & energy levels
  • Full Benefits: Contains the whole bark, making sure you get all the nutrients contained in the plant
  • Traditional Favorite: Tupi Indians of Brazil have composed many songs about the plant & its effects
  • Trusted Brand: Manufactured in our own facility; Non-GMO, Vegan & Lab Verified for potency & purity

I tried just about all the Catuaba supplements and I would say this is the best one

In 1973, Solaray began to formulate herbal blends for specific health benefits. Over the years, Solaray pioneered many innovative products and has become a trusted full-line dietary supplement brand found in health and natural food stores all around the world. True to our commitment to stay leading edge in powerful supplementation, we are proud to offer our Catuaba Bark Extract 465mg!

Native to South America, catuaba is a small flowering tree found in the Amazon jungles. The Tupi Indians of Brazil first discovered the properties of catuaba and have composed many songs in praise of the plant believed to help support healthy libido, energy and mood, its no wonder why! Solaray Catuaba contains the whole bark, making sure you get all the nutrients contained in the plant with no other excipients or fillers added.

Our Catuaba Bark Extract 465mg is also non-GMO, vegan, and lab verified for identity, potency, and purity.

Our Manufacturer
At Solaray, quality is among our highest priorities. To ensure you get only the best supplements with the best ingredients, our manufacturer, Nutraceutical, requires a certificate of analysis from each supplier to guarantee product quality. But they dont stop there. Upon receiving any ingredient, they test in a state-of-the-art laboratory before any material is used in our formulas. Rest assured, every batch meets the highest-quality standard because you deserve the best.

Feel the difference of our Catuaba Bark Extract 465mg order a bottle today!