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Vegan Essentials

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What are the best vitamins for vegans? Those that fill in the gaps in your diet while staying true to your values and needs. Vegan Essentials is a comprehensive multivitamin specifically formulated to fill in the gaps of nutrient deficiencies in vegan diets.

This high potency multivitamin B vitamins Riboflavin, B-6 and B-12 support cellular energy and nerve function. Vitamin D and zinc work to support the immune system, with iodine for thyroid support and probiotics for digestive health. Finally, vitamin C and liposomal iron work synergistically to help enhance iron absorption, which is important for healthy red blood cell production. Vegan Essentials is also vegan, gluten free, sugar free, non-GMO and made without soy. Can you tell we packed it with nutrients? Vegan Essentials supports and enhances a plant-based lifestyle. Because you deserve to have all your nutritional needs met.