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VegLife B12 + Folic Acid 1000mcg | Energy Metabolism, Heart & Cellular Health Support | Orange Flavor, Vegan, No Sugar | 100 Lozenges

by VegLife
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  • The Energy Vitamin: 1000mcg B12 & 400mcg folic acid help support energy production & cellular health
  • Essential: Sugar-free lozenges help support red blood cells, nervous system, & cardiovascular health
  • Vegan Support: Since B12 is found primarily in animal foods, strict vegans may need supplementation
  • Certified Vegan: 3rd party-certified; the perfect choice for your vegan lifestyle & your health

We're vegan, so B-12 is a must. These are great because they include Folic Acid and they TASTE LIKE CANDY. It's hard not to eat six a day... Very grateful to VegLife for helping us vegans out with their great products.

VegLife Vegan B12 + Folic Acid brings together two powerful nutrients in one tasty, fast-absorbing lozenge. Sometimes known as the energy vitamin, B12 helps turn food into energy for metabolism support and cellular health. This important vitamin may help support the bodys production of red blood cells, as well as the function of neurotransmitter cells in the brain for mental clarity and focus. B12 may also help cleanse the body of homocysteine, an amino acid that, in high amounts, puts a strain on your blood vessels and your heart.

Folic acid, another B vitamin, is an essential nutrient for cellular health. Especially important for pregnant women, folic acid helps support the bodys production of new cells and healthy DNA.

This small, great-tasting lozenge is formulated with natural sweeteners xylitol and sorbitol for a great orange flavor thats tooth-friendly and sugar-free.

VegLife is a 100% Vegan brand designed to meet the unique dietary needs of vegetarians and vegans. All VegLife products are third-party Vegan Certified.

VegLife Vegan B12 + Folic Acid sublinguals dissolve quickly for a difference you can feel. Try these tasty, sugar-free lozenges now!