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VegLife Red Marine Calcium 1000mg | Bioavailable Calcium & Magnesium from Red Algae | Certified Vegan | 90ct, 30 Serv.

by Veglife
  • Superior Source: 1000mg calcium from red algae, plus up to 70 naturally occurring trace minerals
  • Marine Nutrients: Harvested from Irish coastal waters & rich in magnesium for muscle & nerve support
  • Bone & Heart Health: May help support strong bones & healthy heart function
  • Certified Vegan: 3rd party-certified; the perfect choice for your vegan lifestyle & your health

Extracted from a type of mineralized red algae harvested off the pristine waters of Ireland’s western coast, VegLife Red Marine Calcium is a superior source of calcium and minerals. Each 3-tablet serving provides 1000 mg of high quality calcium, 75 mg of magnesium and up to 70 naturally occurring trace minerals.

While Red Marine Calcium is designed to help maintain strong bones and teeth, it may also help support a long list of other biochemical processes, including healthy heart function, nerve impulse transmission, muscle contraction, proper blood clotting and healthier hair, skin and nails.

This clean, bioavailable formula helps you get the most out of your calcium with one easy-to-swallow tablet. Like all VegLife products, Red Marine Calcium is 100% vegan and designed to work without sacrificing purity or your vegan lifestyle. We use only the finest ingredients in formulas that are 100% free of animal byproducts. In addition, all our ingredients are lab verified for potency and purity - part of the VegLife commitment to quality vegan supplementation.

Don’t skimp on your calcium supplement! VegLife Red Marine Calcium gives you high quality calcium and minerals in a bioavailable, 100% vegan formula!