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VegLife Vegan Cal-Mag 1000mg/500mg Per Serving | Ideal 2:1 Ratio For Bone & Heart Support & Healthy Nerve & Muscle Function | Vegan | 120 Tablets

by VegLife
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  • Ideal 2:1 Ratio: Offers 1000mg calcium/500mg magnesium in VegiBlend Food Base for nutritive support
  • Essential Calcium: Helps support bone strength & healthy cardiovascular, muscle & nerve function
  • Bioavailable: Formulated with Betaine HCI to help enhance absorption and support digestion
  • Certified Vegan: 3rd party-certified; the perfect choice for your vegan lifestyle & your health

Great product, great price. Good ingredients. Does the job.

You already know the importance of calcium for your overall health, but did you know your body also needs magnesium to properly utilize it? Taken in the proper ratio, calcium and magnesium work synergistically to help support bone formation and strength, muscle and nerve function, stronger hair and nails, proper blood clotting, and cardiovascular health.

VegLife Vegan Cal-Mag provides a 2:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium, the ideal balance for effective absorption and use of these two vital minerals. This 100% vegan formula also contains Betaine HCI to help enhance absorption and bioavailability and support digestion, particularly among persons with reduced levels of stomach acid, to help you get all the calcium you need without stomach distress.

VegLife is a 100% Vegan brand designed to meet the unique dietary needs of vegetarians and vegans. All VegLife products are third-party Vegan Certified.

Searching for a vegan calcium supplement that gives you optimal absorption? Look no further! Order VegLife Vegan Cal-Mag today and feel the difference!