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Vita Logic Osteo Protect Plus | Triple Source Calcium With Vitamins K2 & D3, Plus Ipriflavone For Bone & Heart Health Support | 100 Vegetarian Tablets

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  • Calcium X3: Provides 1000mg Calcium from three sources for powerful bone & heart health support
  • Strong Bones: Helps support proper distribution of calcium to the bones with vitamin K2 & phosphorus
  • Bioavailable: Helps boost absorption with ipriflavone a flavonoid from soy & vitamin D3
  • Superior Formula: High quality ingredients for bone health; Vegetarian & Gluten-Free

After researching many calcium supplements I feel this is by far the best. The active form of K2 in this product helps puts the calcium in your bones and keep it out of your arteries. It contains all you need for proper bone health.

Vita Logic Osteo Protect Plus provides 1000mg of calcium in three bioavailable forms (citrate, ascorbate, and tricalcium phosphate), and combines them with important cofactors and trace minerals for better utilization by the body. Vitamin D3, magnesium and ipriflavone (a flavonoid derived from soy) work synergistically to help enhance absorption, while vitamin K2 helps keep calcium particles in the bloodstream away from arterial walls and helps direct them to your bones and teeth.

Additionally, because calcium is involved in so many bodily processes, Osteo Protect Plus may work with your system to help support cardiovascular health, muscle function and recovery, healthy immune system function, strong hair and nails, and much more.

Founded in 1994, Vita Logic creates superior formulas for satisfied customers. Using quality ingredients Vita Logic is committed to giving customers the best value for their money. Invest in your future health today! Vita Logic - Health For Life

The only bone health formula youll ever need! Order Vita Logic Osteo Protect Plus today!