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Zand Immunity Super C+ PM, Nighttime Immune Support Plus Melatonin, 1000mg PureWay-C Vitamin C, Zinc, D3 & Elderberry, Enhanced Absorption - 60 Tablets, 30 Servings

  • PM Wellness Complex: Formulated for fast-acting immune support when your body is at rest, Super C+ features PureWay-C, a patented form of Vitamin C designed for enhanced absorption & utilization by the body
  • Triple Action: We start with 1000 mg of Vitamin C, 125 mcg of Vitamin D-3 and 20 mg of Zinc for triple immunity support you can depend on, perfect during the cold winter season or any time
  • Nighttime Formula: Our powerhouse complex also includes 300 mg of Elderberry, an herb traditionally used for healthy immune support, plus 3 mg of Melatonin to help support a healthy sleep cycle so you can get the rest you need
  • Daily Defense: Specially formulated to help your system stay strong and keep you feeling your best, Super C+ PM is non-GMO, gluten free and always lab verified for purity and potency
  • Supplements You Can Trust: All Zand Immunity products are made in facilities that follow good manufacturing practices (GMP); we use clean, high-quality ingredients that are rigorously tested in our Utah labs to ensure you’re getting the very best

When you need fast, effective, nighttime immune support, our powerhouse Zand Immunity Super C+ PM delivers!

Whether you˪re on the road, facing those cold winter nights, or just feeling physically or mentally run down, Zand Immunity Super C+ PM is designed for powerful nighttime support to keep your system feeling strong while helping you get some much-needed rest.

Formulated with 1000 mg of PureWay-C, a patented, fast-acting form of antioxidant Vitamin C, Super C+ is readily absorbed and goes to work quickly to help support healthy immune function. We combine it with 125 mcg of vitamin D-3, 20 mg of zinc, and 300 mg of elderberry, an herb rich in flavonoids and used for thousands of years for its immune health benefits. WeÀ™ve added 3 mg of melatonin, designed to help support a healthy sleep cycle and a good nightÀ™s rest. This powerful vitamin and herbal complex works synergistically to help keep your system strong so you can be ready when it counts.  

Looking for Àround-the-clock immunity support? Zand has you covered! Our Super C+ Elderberry daytime formula is the perfect companion to Super C+ PM with Melatonin. Try them together for powerful immune support you can depend on day and night!

Super C+ PM is non-GMO, gluten free, and like all Zand Immunity products, is lab verified for potency and purity. To ensure you get only the best supplements with the best ingredients, our raw materials undergo a rigorous process to identify the presence of impurities, contaminants, or any major food allergens, part of Zand˪s legacy of better supplementation for your health.


The Zand brand planted its seeds over 30 years ago with immune support formulas that use synergistic combinations of traditional Western and Eastern herbs. These combinations are designed to support whole body health for optimal immune support.