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Zhou Colostrum Gummies, Bovine Colostrum Supplement, Natural Raspberry Flavor, 250mg Immunoglobulins, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, No Added Growth Hormone, 30 Servings, 60 Gummies

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  • Clinically Studied Superfood – Our gummies deliver the whole-body benefits of Bovine Colostrum for humans, Mother Nature’s original superfood, which are backed by nutritive science.
  • Easy Way to Nutrify – We packed all the superfood benefits of colostrum in these delicious raspberry-flavored chews so you can get all the support you need without mixing drink powder or fussing with shaker bottles.
  • Delivers the Goods – Each two-gummy serving is power-packed with 1 g of ethically sourced colostrum, which supplies 250 mg of highly beneficial immunoglobulins.
  • Clean Formula – It’s gluten free, sugar free, ethically sourced with no added growth hormones, making this formula an inclusive and quality-trusted source of a widely used bovine superfood crafted by modern nutritional science.
  • Don't Stress, We Test – Every seed, mineral, and extract we use gets tested when it comes into our GMP Certified lab in Utah. By including only the purest ingredients and testing our final products, we ensure we deliver the best supplements.

Our perfect superfood treats deliver the whole-body benefits of bovine colostrum in a small and tasty package. Each serving packs 1 g of colostrum into two gummies, which delivers 250 mg of immunoglobulins. More convenient than powder and easier to take than tablets or pills, Colostrum Gummies come in a delicious raspberry flavor so you get a sweet treat every time you nutrify. They may be bite-sized, but they offer big nutritional support from Mother Nature’s original superfood.