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Nature's Life Garlic & Parsley Softgels, 500 Count

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  • Dynamic Duo: When combined with parsley, you get all the benefits of garlic without the bad breath!
  • Health: May help support healthy heart function & cholesterol levels already within a normal range
  • Parsley Power: Softgels contain 2mg Parsley Seed Oil, the equivalent of 100mg whole parsley
  • Quality: Free of gluten, milk, soy, corn, preservatives or artificial colors/flavors

The parsley combined with the garlic will keep your breath sweet-smelling, and your friends still close. | The only problem I have with garlic pills is the stinky side effects... I think nature intended these two to go together. Probably one of the best supplements you can take.

While many people may still think garlic is only used to keep the vampires at bay, garlic supplements may also support healthy heart function and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within a normal range. Natures Life is making swallowing garlic a little easier with our powerful combination of garlic and parsley -in the convenience of a softgel. Since parsley is also a natural deodorizer, our blend allows you to get the benefits of garlic without garlic breath.

Since 1970 Natures Life has been providing high quality supplements that were proud to stand behind. We are committed to the wellbeing of our customers and everything we do is focused on helping our users achieve their optimal health. Additionally, all of our products can be purchased worry free with our 60-day money back guarantee!

Keep the vampires at bay... and MORE with our powerful combination of Garlic & Parsley! Order your bottle today!